Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

So glad I went on vacation before I started my new job. I felt like a new woman. I was relaxed and very radiant. But who knew that I needed a vacation from my vacation? I couldn’t concentrate in my first week, partially because I didn’t have access to anything. All I could do was sit at my desk and have serious Puerto Vallarta withdrawal.

When I booked my flight to Mexico, I had some foods in mind, such as the tacos, tamales and tamarind candy. I have connections to Mexican food from Mr. Lumberjack and a nearby Chicago neighborhood (shoutout to Pilsen). Because Puerto Vallarta is a tourist area, a lot of the food is tailored to American tastes at the resorts. I say A LOT but not all.

Every night at the resort was this one taco lady. Her name was Alma. She was awesome, because she brought authentic Mexican food at this resort. She usually had four meat options, such as goat, beef, chicken and puerco. She tossed those on the grill. She would then flatten out the hand-made tortillas, dipped them in oil and threw those on the grill. Put the two together, and with the toppings, we have magic.

The few times we left the resort, we went to the boardwalk, El Malecon. It is a popular place for locals and tourists alike. I went for the seafood. It only made sense, right? Puerto Vallarta is next to the Pacific Ocean. There is an abundance of seafood here…and it is so fresh and so clean…clean.

I left feeling like there is more to discover. Knowing my boyfriend has family in Mexico, it won’t be my last time in this beautiful country. I look forward to seeing the real Mexico, where its culture covers the country.

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