We finally began our fun, but money-depleting, journey. My best friend, Dennis, and I always look at Chicago’s Best lists. Then, we see a restaurant that catches our attention and would say, “Let’s eat at every place on the list!” Our journeys don’t last very long, partially cuz there is a new list popping up every few weeks.


Dennis came across the 2017 Michelin list, and true to friendship, he sends me the list and says, “Let’s go to every place on the list.” Being that it is the Michelin list AND I am a save-in-case (or just cheap) person, I kept my eyes on the one-Michelin restaurants. We will keep our hopes on the three-Michelin places until we become rich and famous.

I came from a barbecue, so the plan was to eat “light.” That quickly went out the window. We met up for dinner and ate a full three-course meal. I didn’t understand some things on the menu, but do I really need to? As long as the food tastes good, the words on the menu don’t matter.

One down, 25 more to go.

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