Mother’s Day 2017

Hi there. I have been off the grid lately, mostly because I have been packing for the new apartment. While I am doing this, I wanted to take a moment to talk about my mom. I drove home to have a nice lunch with my her, which is always great. I miss Vietnamese food.

I actually drive home every week to my parents’ house to say hello. As I got older, I learned to appreciate my parents and what they have done for me. It wasn’t always like this. I used to be angry, ashamed and insecure. It was my fault for comparing myself to the wealthy kids in my neighborhood. Today, though, I am a better person because of her. Let me list why:

  1. I used to be mad at how cheap my mom was. She would penny-pinch everything and criticize me when I spent my money. Today, I consider myself cheap. I try to save some money from every paycheck. I feel secure in my adult life, knowing I can budget my money.
  2. My mom used to be the stereotypical tiger-mom. Coming home from high school, I would cry when I didn’t get an A on an exam. However, I feel really well-rounded today. I still know how to play piano, I can swim and I got A’s for my Master’s program. Not everyone has that.
  3. This last one is for my mom’s cooking. I have always loved her cooking. My mom skims the fat off of things, she reduces sugar in recipes and always has a vegetable dish. Her healthy nature makes it easier for me to choose healthy options. She shaped my pallette.

I see what my mom has done for me. She used what little resources she had and rose to the top (my parents’ story will be for another post). I am proud of her, because I know everyone can’t do what she has done. I am not even sure I could have done what she has done. My life is easy because of her.

To my mom: I love you. I am lucky to have you as my mom. You care about me-sometimes a little too much. However, I know there are people just wishing for a mom. I see that. You are my mom and there’s no mistaking that. My face is a copy of yours.


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