New York City, New York

Hello everyone! How is it going?

I am preparing for my next trip, which reminded me to share my fun, impromptu trip to New York. I was sent to our New Jersey warehouse to do an inspection. I was excited just to step on New Jersey soil.

This was my first business trip. I had to fly to and from there in the same day. It was going to be a long day, but I felt so proFRESH.

The warehouse was really cool and I finished the inspection an hour early. Because I got basic economy tickets, I didn’t have the option to get an earlier flight. What did I decide to do? Take a trip to New York.

I have never travelled alone before, but having to be resourceful is one of the most rewarding feelings. You also have the opportunity to just stop and take a look around. I felt really at peace in a busy place.

I went to time square, thinking it was going to be foodie capital. I was wrong. There were franchises everywhere. So I just went to a franchise I have never heard of before.

I wish I could have explored a little more, because my flight ended up getting delayed over and over again. I would have went and searched for the taiyaki ice cream cones.

I explored what I could in my work shoes. So many blisters, but so worth it.


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