Vancouver, Canada

SECOND VACATION OF THE YEAR! I am so fortunate to have a company that WANTS its employees to take vacation. I left work feeling guilt-free and stress-free. Because I don’t usually return to places (so much to see, so little time), I usually cram in as many activities I can.

It started with my friends and I landing in Seattle and driving directly to Vancouver. We pretty much starved ourselves, so the first opportunity we got, we grabbed the first Canadian thing we could think of…All-dressed flavored chips. They are an explosion in your mouth, I tell ya.

The next couple of days were dedicated to outdoor activities like biking along the SeaWall and hiking Whistler. Those things work up an appetite. I couldn’t pass up poutine, especially since my first try in Toronto was a bust. This poutine did not disappoint. I also got this amazing ice cream; I chose the novelty flavor black sesame. I am all about the black, natural (no active charcoal over here) Instagram pictures. Great, nutty flavor.

I was pretty much pooped at this point (see my struggling uphill in the picture below). So on the last day, we just scoured downtown and explored every nook and cranny we could. There were plenty of coffee shops, so we made a pitstop every few hours.

Vancouver is a beautiful place. It is quiet, but not so quiet. It is also one of those places with local shops. The best part of Vancouver, and all of Canada, is there stereotype is true. They are all very friendly people. Thanks Vancouver for the memories.


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