Explore Your Hometown

I hear a lot of times that people don’t have the money to travel. I can’t say I have the money to travel every day, but I make it work. However, why do you have to hop on a plane to travel? If you live in a big city like me, have you explored your own city? Every nook and cranny?

I recently bought a cruiser bike off of Craigslist. Thanks, Raul! I pedaled to the ever popular, and ever populated, lakefront. More specifically, the bike path. I get a little anxiety from weaving in and out if unaware pedestrians and that darn, narrow overpass. I am alerting others “on your left” about every 10 minutes.
I saw many beautiful things on the way. First, are the little shacks on the bike front. Second, triathletes prepping for the big day. Lastly, the rows and rows of people laying across Grant Park to hear the latest and greatest artist.

I reached the Shedd Aquarium with Mr. Lumberjack and we start to wander on foot. The crowd of tourists take an epic skyline picture, and I am one of those tourists. Then, we head towards the Plantarium to play PokemonGo. Tip: that is a huge spawn location. You’re welcome.

Around dinner time, we bike back home with some jelly legs. My one-gear bike often slowed to a close stop at the peak of the tiny hills. I have no leg strength. I slowly teetered to the other side, a nice breeze on my face. Nothing but smiles all the way home. Weeeeee!

So do what I did and just go out to another part of town, and look with your own eyes on what is happening there. I’ll write a post soon on some Chicago destinations every visitor should consider.


Disclaimer: The featured image was from a previous trip. I did not take a picture of the skyline today.

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