St. Paul, Minnesota

For only two night and two days, I drive up to visit some of my family. I hate long car rides, but I haven’t seen my relatives in 10 years. I wasn’t really sure how I would interact with them; I just remember being so awkward around family. But I got to catch up with them so fast that I felt like I knew them my whole life.

First, we stayed at my uncle’s place. He had a 7-year old daughter, ChowChow, who I have never met before. And I loved her right away. She is a chatty little bird, so she came up to me and talked. We made plans for the next day and I pretty much played with her the whole morning.


We then went to my aunt’s house. She was also a chatty bird, so I felt right at home. The Pomeranian is yapping and  growling at us, the strangers (Don’t worry. I showed it my dominance. Haha). I then picked some pears in the backyard with ChowChow and her mom. As I am doing that, other family members are filtering in. I met my dad’s younger brother for the first time and I have an immediate connection to him. We talk for a bit before he has to go to work.

Afterwards, my aunt’s kids stopped by and we went out to an all-you-can-eat sushi. I felt very special that everyone wanted to come see me. Honestly, it was like old times- just a more mature version of us. I met my 4-year-old niece, Eclispe, for the first time as well. Not as chatty, but she was not shy checking out my jewelry. LOL!

Once I got home, ChowChow was waiting for me. Even though I was exhausted, I played some Legos with her, gave her a hug in case I didn’t see her in the morning and passed the F*** out.

They say blood is thicker than water. Although not true for every thing, it makes long distance a lot easier. You just get this curiosity like you want to know what’s going on in that person’s life. You feel like you care about him, because you come from the same history. That is the power of family.


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