Chateau del Mar

I’m at that age when I’m getting those shiny, decorated envelopes. Open one up and read, “You are cordially invited to…” Sigh, I love wedding season. There is only positive feelings of love and happiness. Nothing can ruin your day.

Mr. Lumberjack got an invitation from one of his college friends. Of course, we were going to attend. Mr. Lumberjack doesn’t consider many people friends. So if he calls you a friend, then he really feels comfortable and trusts you. I am all for connecting with his limited circle of friends.

We were lazy birds in the morning, so I had to rush to get my makeup on. I rarely wear makeup, which makes it difficult when the time calls for it. I over-lined my lips; I wiped down some of the color with my fingers. I didn’t wait for the mascara to dry. The little dash lines on my lower lid. I had to wipe that off as well.

We managed to beat the couple to the church. It was a very beautiful ceremony, and the groom was cheesin.’ I didn’t know the man, but I was happy for him because he was so happy.


The reception was at Chateau del Mar, a cute and classy place on the south side of Chicago. Beautiful chandeliers drape from the walls and ceilings, the center-pieces stood elegantly on the table and the bride and groom reigned over their kingdom for the night.

We ate some delicious American food, while a mariachi band made its way to every table. Also, there were a couple more traditions. The snake dance, when everyone holds hands and weave in and out between the tables. The dollar dance was really fun too. You pin dollar bills on the groom/bride and have a nice slow dance with him/her. I love those small touches.


I was very fortunate to talk to him a bit at the reception. He is a very friendly guy, and Mr. Lumberjack is lucky to have good people in his life. I plan on getting to know him and his new wife better, so we will be double dates soon- after his honeymoon, though.


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