Totorice’s Pizza

The throb is creeping. I rub my forehead and it temporarily ceases. A few seconds later, it’s back. I think about the sad sad ham sandwich waiting for me. Sigh! I get off the train line and whispered to myself, “You can make it (to your sandwich :().”

Already set on not lifting an extra foot, I check the screen for the bus’s ETA. 14 minutes! Such a long time. I need something to satiate me, to quiet my headache. I turn towards Qdoba for that mouth-drooling queso dip. And in the little corner, right next to a lingerie shop, is Totorice’s.

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And in a game time decision, I divert for pizza. I order cheese slice, and so Nestor doesn’t get FOMO, I also order a sausage slice. Since the slices were pre-made, it does not kill time.

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I take a seat underneath the tracks, open the styrofoam container and smile with glee at the sheen from the greasy cheese. Ooo I am going to regret the cheese tonight. Oh well! I eat as calmly as I could while watching the clock, 9 more minutes.

This New York Style pizza’s lovely, flat crust- the only kind I like- cracks and crunches between these two rocks grinding against each other. The sauce is perfection. Forget acidity, I want sweet tomato sauce all day every day. And the cheese pull stretches for miles. I have it all: the warmth, the chew and the free lip gloss. Lina’s Pizza is still has my heart, but for my immediate go-to place, this pizzeria is it.

I look up. 4 more minutes- I get down to the last bite and wipe my fingers. I check my white shirt and white pants. Yes! They are free from some tomato splat. Squeeze some of hand sanitizer, and the evidence of a total binge session is gone.

Fast forward, and Mr. Lumberjack enjoys his cheesy, sausage slice as seen below. Headache gone? Check. Dinner? Check.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset



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