5 Reasons to Visit China

For a country on the other side of the world, it is worth seeing it with your own eyes. China is like a mysterious rumor. You hear about it in the news as the next powerhouse. However, it is rare you hear in the media about Chinese culture.

How would I describe China? Well…It is vastly different from the United States; I urge you, though, to look past that. You will realize that two people can learn to connect without sharing a common language.


1. The Great Wall of China

Ok, so I am just going to get this out of the way. This is an iconic attraction. You can see it from frickin’ space for Pete’s sake, and that is amazing. Human beings are amazing. Everyone needs to walk the wall, whether it is a few steps or a mile. The view and the sheer size will stick with you for life.

2. Unique Ice Cream Flavors

Do you like ice cream? I do, and when I travel, I try different ice cream flavors. China, by far, has the most unusual flavors I have ever tasted. It has sweet red bean, sweet pea, lychee, etc. The ice cream is quality too-very creamy. With the great exchange rate, these ice cream bars are really cheap. Go ahead and try them all.

3. Ancient History

As one of the earliest civilizations, China has a lot of history. These tourist sites aren’t just for show; they are an integrated part of its history. For example, the Forbidden City protected a royal family from the public. Or what about Tiananmen Square, where Mao’s giant portrait hangs above the plaza as a student defiantly stands in front of tanks? There is a lot to learn here.


4. Shopper’s Dream

Again with the awesome exchange rate, things are cheap. You could get a custom-made business suit for $78 to $375 dollars. Or just walk to the next stall to find a local selling just purses. The next one after that specializes in tea. Not only that, you get to play the bargaining game. It’s fun once you get over the different social norms.

5. Pallette Shock

Authentic Chinese food is way better than Americanized Chinese food. There is just so much flavor. Also, you can try things you would never find on an American menu like crickets or thousand-year-old eggs. What is even better is a lot of meals are family-style. The eating experience is fun when you can share a little here and there with close friends.

There you have it; these are 5 Reasons to make China a travel destination. It may feel daunting to step onto very foreign soil, but it will jolt your soul and keep that youthful spirit alive.


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