Perks of Working in the Food Industry

The past two days have been very long, but also, very fun. I must say I am not extroverted by nature. However, I talked to so many new people and got to know them better. I left feeling closer to my company and my coworkers.

During these two days, it has been so much fun eating and of course, learning where we are headed. It got me to thinking…what are the perks of working in the food industry, particularly the cheese industry?

First, my company wants you to be proud of what you represent. On day one, you get a bag of almost every single product to try. And the refrigerator remains open for you to take any thing you want at any time. I can tell you…I will not need to purchase cheese and butter for the next few years.

Second, you get a lot of creative food competitions. I think my company has a lot of foodies and home cooks. People really commit to these competitions and make some of the best things I have tasted. Our last review meeting, we made cocktail drinks with our teams. It got really wonky…almost to the point where we could have poisoned the judges. Always fun though.

Third, when you work in any company, you create networks or partners to help promote the product. It is really rewarding to see your product in magazine ads, the Food Network and on bloggers’ site. It almost feel like we scored and it is nice having something to share with family and friends.

There is something to be said about finding the right fit for your work. It definitely makes showing up to work easier. I hope to see more of these tiny perks. They make me happy and feel like I am part of a strong company.


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