5 Reasons to Visit Norway

Norway holds a place in my heart. My family is out there, and even though, I never met them before, they welcomed me into their arms. The rest of the country is like that too. It is one of the most accepting places in the world. Here are some reasons why you should plan a trip to Norway:


1. Everyone Opts Outside

The country is so beautiful-in the city and in nature. In Oslo, the country is so compact. It is easy to get from one place to another. Norwegians wait at the tram stop for their buses and use their best vehicles-their legs. For nature, Norway has many fjords and waterfalls, you will naturally want to be outside to enjoy the view.


2. Friendly People

When you’re out in Norway, most people keep to themselves. They don’t smile. They just look straight ahead. However, if you have a question or you just want to talk, Norwegians will. They are so kind, friendly and very genuine.

3. Statues and Parks

Walk around a bit and you will run into a park filled with art. The engraving are easy on the eyes and you feel this urge to get up and personal. Usually, the parks are huge, so each area is unique. A lot of things to be seen here…and another reason to be outside.


4. Edward Munch

Have you ever heard of “The Scream?” One of the most iconic art pieces of pre-expressionism. There is a must that has his artworks on display, with the main star being The Scream. For any art lover, he will appreciate seeing this in person.

5. The Port to Scandanavia

As you know, Norway borders the North Sea. While I was in Norway, I went on a cruise two times. It is very easy to book one and it is very cheap. We gambled, we ate and we played some activities-very typical. What was great though was how quick it was to dock in locations like Copenhagen, Denmark and Gothenburg, Sweden. Many can say that Norway is the gateway to Scandanavia.

Although I can check another country off my list, I would like Norway be a repeat country. I was there for two weeks and I could have stayed another month. There is honestly so much this country has to offer. Go put it on your bucket list now!


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