Chicago Cubs vs. Cincinnati Reds

Nothing is more Chicago than going to a baseball game. With two teams to choose from, you have the choice to go to the North Side or South Side. And the team loyalty is great, you gotta choose a side.

Now, I have never been a fan of baseball unless I was playing it in gym class. I think the game is too slow and 6 or 7 innings is enough. The times I have gone, I am usually freezing because I am covered by the shade.

However, the Cubs versus Reds game, in particular, was really fun. We were stuck in a corner in the right outfield. Two women sat Mr. Lumberjack and me. They we’re sharing their baseball stories with us. One of them got a foul ball straight to the ribs by Derek Jeter in Arizona.

The woman behind us was hilarious. She couldn’t stop heckling the Reds. She would also get into the games on the Jumbo Tron. She really made me laugh. Then, there were two gentlemen in the kitty corner getting drunk. They danced during every player’s intro song. I loved the atmosphere.

I never fell asleep once. Maybe it was cuz.the sun slowly creot onto my lap and then face. Or maybe of the wonderful company. Or MAYBE the game was a lot faster than usual, because the Cubs crushed the Reds.

We left around the middle of the 8th, and ran into Mr. Lumberjack’s cousin and super cute niece. We talked with them a little and then walked to dinner (not by choice but turned out to be for the best).


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