Sur la Table

If you’re ever looking for ideas, Sur la Table is just for you. 😃 I sound like such a cars salesman, but it is true, Sur la Table is a place for inspiration. When you walk into this cookware store, you find utensils you never knew you needed. A silicone garlic roller, a strawberry pitter and the tiniest of tiny ramekin. Personally, I have never bought anything from there. I just go to look and touch.

However, even if you can’t buy, you do get to use some of the tools in their awesome cooking classes. I have attended twice and learned a lot in each class.

The last class I intended was a vegan class. None of us were vegan, but we all wanted to know alternatives to cooking. On the menu: strawberry tart, eggplant tomato, Caesar salad and califlower risotto. There was a lot of cashews and nutritional yeast, but all of them turned out well. Favorites are the strawberry tart and eggplant tomato.

I love these classes. It is such a great way to socialize and learn something new. If you are in the Chicago area, attend the vegan class with Chef Sana. She was awesome, very patient and fun. I don’t know if they rotate menus, but I would totally attend another vegan class…and it was close…so close to converting me to veganism.


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