The Little Beet Table

Who has seen Sue on SNL? She gets a sip of a surprise and she can’t contain herself. She rolls on the floor, bites down on her tongue and hits herself over the head. In reality surprises aren’t too hard to keep amongst adults…unless you come to The Little Beet Table.

Don’t worry! It was super awkward at the time, but now we just laugh about it and out it down on our list of memories.

So here is what went down. CookieMD was touring all of the United States, checking out her future career and homes. She had some downtime, so we all gathered at The Little Beet Table. I texted her fiance to write a note on the reservation for her belated birthday.

CookieMD, Mr. Lumberjack and I arrived fashionably early, so we drink to pass the time. The bar area is pretty sweet. So I handed CookieMD a present (key part of the story).

A table opens up for us, and CookieMD leads the way, gift in her hands. The hostess asks her about a surprise for a birthday girl, not realizing she was speaking to the birthday girl herself. Luckily, CookieMD’s ears hadn’t popped yet from her flight. She was a little confused, but the surprise wasn’t completely ruined.

A little later, the waitress comes and addresses the whole table. “So I hear there is a birthday surprise, and a gluten-free cake.” Hmm… okay. We pretty much gave up on the surprise and told CookieMD the attempt. We were totally laughing the whole night about it.

While we were smiling so hard to the point where I couldn’t see, we ordered some appetizers. We got the crispy Pearl rice and cauliflower. Those were really good; I’d say way better than my healthy, veggie-forward entree, squash and quinoa.

It isn’t necessarily my favorite restaurant, but I do appreciate that it is completely gluten-free and vegetarian-friendly. I have a friend that would totally love this as an option, seeing it is often hard for her to eat out. I would give this place another try as long as my gluten-free friend comes.


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