J Parker, Eataly & Safehouse

After a past few days of eating pure fatty foods (no regrets), I felt the need to exercise. RunningMan texted me asking where I wanted to go for the weekend and threw out a few suggestions. I had zero suggestions, other than to walk there. Below are some of Chicago’s finest places that any local or tourist would enjoy.

1. J Parker

When Chicago’s weather is perfect, you learn to take advantage of the day. J Parker is a rooftop bar that has great Lincoln Park and Gold Coast views. I ordered a cold snack, because who wants to eat hot food when the sun is beating down on you? The ceviche was to die for. I wish they gave more, but I am just being greedy. The lemonade was on point as well- not too sweet. It was packed for a Sunday afternoon, which can only mean good things.

2. Eataly

As we are searching for our next stop, we walked south to enjoy some scenery. RunningMan noticed Eataly on his map, so we went for his first experience. Eataly is like an all-inclusive Italian market. There are Italian products, Italian restaurants and Italian snack shops. It is great. With a famous team (Mario, Lidia and more from the Food Network) collaborating on this place, it is top-notch quality.

3. Safehouse

We wander some more, continuing south. RunningMan heard of this novelty restaurant. Everything in this place is spy themed. There is a password involved to get in, but if you don’t know it, don’t fret. You just need to act like a baffoon to get in. There are a lot more to do once you are in; I don’t want to ruin it for you though, because the secrecy is half the fun. The other half was the yummy food.

Somehow I still had energy to walk home. We circled back to square one, and walked a total of 6 miles (patting myself on the back here). Once again, I opened my eyes to another part of Chicago.


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