Sawada Coffee

It was 15 minutes to 12 PM and I was scared that I would be late. I hate making people wait on me. So I speed walked the hell out of my legs. Feel the burn! I passed by my favorite coffee place, and I wish I could stop in for some hot coffee. But NO! My friend and I are going to try somewhere else.

This friend is a friend from college. We will call him, TravelBird. He was always down to eat out with me (my foodie friend), and he was more of the studious type. I would always head over and study business things with him. Those were good memories. 

The last time we saw each other we were eating out again. Now at an actual sit-down restaurant because we earn our own money now…and can afford it. Who remembers being broke in college?

Anyways, I meet him at his apartment, took a Polaroid picture for his visitor wall and we took the bus down to the West Loop. There was plenty of time to talk and catch up as we rode the bus there. And we stopped into Sawada, which is so beautiful.

I have been to Sawada before and the decor was just as enchanting as the first time. There are lights draping from the ceiling, picnic tables lined in rows and little grunge accent pieces throughout the place.

I got a Chai latte, expecting cute coffee art. I wanted that Instagram picture. But womp. I got a blob. TravelBird got a nice leaf on his Military coffee though. We tried each other’s drink and then stuck with own choices. The Chai latte was so good; it reminded me of hot chocolate.

Once our lovely cermaic cups were empty, we talked some more and then wanted real food. Sawada is connected to two other places. It is connected to Green Street Meats, which is in the back and a Ramen place, which is in the basement. I was down for some noodles, but to my luck again, the place opened at 6 PM.

We went outside to search a couple more ramen places, but they were too far on this chilly day. We decided to try a restaurant across the street (Chicken & Farm Shop). Bomb! My foodie friend stays true to the freindship.


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