Department of Coffee and Social Affairs, Bodega del Barrio and Carnitas Uruapan

Hello wonderful friends!

I had another great foodie weekend, getting to try new places and honestly feeling full about 70% of the time. My favorite part was meeting with my old college friends. I am such a homebody (anti-social), I forget how much fun when I am out interacting with others.

So on the way to my boxing class, I passed by a new coffee shop, Department of Coffee and Social Affairs. So to reward my hard work at the gym, I stopped in for some tea. First off, the place is super cute- a lot of Instagram-worthy photo opps. I ordered from their limited menu and got ginger and tumeric tea, which is exactly what I needed. My stomach was killing me. I took the cup to go, since I had plans in half an hour and no one would want to smell me.

After a quick shower, I headed to Bodega del Barrio. I didn’t know what the food was like. All I knew was there were a lot of Instagram photos at that location. My old college friend, Laughies, met up with me and honestly…just like old times. We unconsciously took a detour as we tried finding this tiny place. Churros were as good as they looked.

We finished dessert and headed for the real meal, Carnitas Uranpan, meeting up two more college friends. The line was out the door. We got to sample the Carnitas, but I had my eye on the chicharrones. And learning from the bf, I knew I had to eat it with some bolillos. I ran across the street to the bakery and bought myself two loaves. Then, we sat on somebody’s stairs next door and ate our food. That’s right! Stoop kid never leaves his stoop.

Don’t you love how real friends can come together like we just saw each other yesterday? I had an amazing afternoon. Of course, due to my introverted self, I pooped out early and went home to lay in bed. Perfect day!


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