Bongo Room

It is strange how we can find friends in the suckiest of places. I was starting my second real-world job and getting a foot-hold in some thing; I don’t know what that thing was, but I knew it was the right step in my career. Although I gained a lot of skills that many people take years to gain, it was one of the worst job environments I have ever had. The gray hairs were proof of that.

But sometimes, you have to go through the mud to find comfort in others. I have complained, cried and stressed so much (like sleep paralysis stress). I wouldn’t have lasted so long if it weren’t my team, who understood where I was coming from and was there to toughen me up.

I made my decision to leave the company and have never felt liberated.  But when you become close to your teammates- now friends- you root for them to have the same feeling.

One of those friends, PRSass, finally got that feeling. Too bad she had to move to California and within a week. We pulled together the following weekend to make sure we said our goodbyes. PRSass regularly brings me and Mr. Lumberjack with the rest of the group.

I called in advance, but the Bongo Room doesn’t take reservations. We got there on time; People are waiting outside the restaurant. It was an hour wait. However, the wait was well worth it. I got a sunrise cocktail. It was so good and I felt the effects right away. I also got a great breakfast burrito. We share a side of French toast and a side of pancakes. I mean the food was on point.

We left with hugs. Luckily, I will happen to be in California on PRSass’s first work week. So I won’t go so long without seeing her. When someone is like a big sister to you, you don’t let those people go.


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