Devil’s Lake, Wisconsin

People are full of surprises and Mr. Lumberjack’s and my friend was no exception. Our friend, we will call him SilentWild, was this quiet engineer at our old work place. He only hung out with one other engineer, and they were pretty much two peas in a pod.

So the day he asked if Mr. Lumberjack and I would like to join him and  some other co-workers was very surprising. I would have not guess he did this very often, but he and his wife love sleeping outdoors. He would guide us to his favorite spot, Devil’s Lake.


Mr. Lumberjack and I drove that day to Wisconsin, and besides the major attractions, there isn’t much to see- just farmlands. We got lost a couple of times until we finally reached the woods. This place was really amazing. Big cliff-like rocks encompass a clear , calm lake. There is a lot of natural beauty and you don’t see much of that around here.

We hurried and hiked as fast as we could, assuming we would run into the group. Lo and behold we did. SilentWild then took us off the beaten path on these giant rocks, so we could propel down some rocks. The rocks were so huge we were literally squatting to get to the next rock.


Afterwards, we headed out to the campgrounds. Mr. Lumberjack and I got lost again (so bad with directions). We brought out our snacks, we all tried to start a fire in the blistering wind and half of us set up camp. The other half was smart and got a hotel.

SilentWild lent us his tent, and we brought only a sleeping bag. No blankets, no second sleeping bag, no pillow. Foolish. In October, the ground was already frozen. We stayed up the whole night, trying to share the sleeping bag, freezing to death and cuddling for body heat.


The next morning, while everyone was slowly getting out of their tents looking like beauty queens, we were already up packing our car. We thanked SilentWild for the amazing time, but we needed a real bed. Our eyes were drooping as we drove all the way home.


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