Beer Hoptacular

Sometimes you want to get a little reckless. Mr. Lumberjack and company brewed up some beer and submitted a holiday spice beer to the ever growing Beer Hoptacular. Even though I get crazy hives from beer, I joined in because I want my team to win. Duh.

We head on over to Cinespace, and get our Punch cards. It said I get 20 samples. Here I was thinking I wouldn’t be able to keep up, and haha I spilled a little of my second drink. Haha…I swear I wasn’t drunk yet. There were some really tasty samples.

After sampling for 3 hours, I have some new favorite beers. One was from Odd Sand something, a Michigan brewery,…I forget (towards the end of my sampling…kinda tipsy). It was chocolaty, coffee-y and lots of body. Yum.

Second one, I discovered because he was the only one open. We talked a bit and I asked for the something Cap Sap (my last drink of the day). The Old Irving Brewery (Jefferson Park, IL) used mushrooms to get the maple flavor and it smelled exactly like breakfast. I got all the guys on board too.

We ended up looking for food. This apparent hip spot was closed, so we went for Kaiser Tiger. Super tasty fries sauce. I left stuffed from the beer, the fries and the veggie sandwich; I had to skip dinner.

As for how the guys did…turns out they were pitted against established local breweries. We don’t know how they did, but we know they didn’t place. Oh well. It was fun and I love these guys. True dudes and bruhs.


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