Andy’s Frozen Custard

So…I am pretty confident that I am mildly lactose intolerant. I specifically craved some ice cream and the closest place is Andy’s. I kinda knew I would feel a little crappy, BUT…it was one of those situations. When gluttony strikes, you’re going to take Mother Willow’s ( Disney’s Pochahontas) advice, “Listen to your heart.” And my heart (or what it my stomach?) was telling me to get some ice cream.

I ate lunch in five minutes and speed walked my little booty over there. There is usually one person working, so it does take a little bit if time to get your ice cream. It isn’t too long though. So of course, as I am walking back, I have to momentarily take a few snapshits of my beautiful, delicious custard. Then, I ate it in another five minutes.

See how beautiful the ice cream cup is? I took a couple of angles for you. The shiny, smooth white is in a perfectly round scoop. I got some cheesecake bites thrown into mine, which were yummy on their own. I also have a picture from.the first time I got a concrete with peanut butter cup. Ice cream is your friend.

So this all happened so fast. I am left with an empty cup and my stomach starts bloating. I was so uncomfortable the rest of the day, and I had the nerve to go to the gym. I am telling you…I was dying. I had to skip dinner too.

However, do I regret it? Not one bit. Would I get it again? Absolutely. I love Andy’s and there isn’t another place it in walking distance. So let my stomach rumble. It is just the drum for my Happy feet.


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