Los Angeles, California

Hello, hello!

So last week I had the opportunity to visit family in Los Angeles because flights were so cheap ($100 round trip). LA is a huge foodie city, so I was really excited to eat out. But I was thoroughly surprise by my Uncle and Aunt, who are great cooks. Turned out those restaurants I ate at didn’t compare to their cooking.

The first two days I spent at my uncle’s. He went to culinary school awhile back, as expected, he is good at what he does. He made me some Chinese pork, bi cuon (Vietnamese wraps), Vietnamese yogurt and pho. I ate so much, but it was so worth the food baby.

I then headed to my aunt’s house for a dam gio for my uncle-in-law, which I will explain in another post. However, I really wanted to be there for her and my cousins. Out of all my distant relatives, I am the closest to them. They used to live with us when they immigrated here.

I flew out on an overnight flight and honestly felt like I won at life. So I bought basic economy seats, and thus, get stuck with the suckiest seats on the plane (near the back restrooms). HOWEVER, I got a seat near the door. And, I was supposed to put my bag near my  feet, but I had room for the overhead compartment. Serious win!

I had so much fun and didn’t mind that I didn’t do anything tourist-y. Just being with my family was enough.


P.S. Here are three of my uncle’s dogs that I fell in love with.

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