Cooking Frenzy #2

Phew! I am pooped from eating. The day after Thanksgiving we headed back to Mr. Lumberjack’s parents. Yes, I got seconds that time as well. At this point, I am over eating and just want to get back to my healthy, eating habits.

Last Sunday, all I wanted to do was stay home, so I decided to go on a cooking frenzy. I am starting a new category for these type of posts, because these frenzies happen quite often. I just pick out recipes and do them. You don’t know until you try, I say.

So I finally pull out Anthony Bourdain’s Appetites cookbook and flip through it, looking for A) appetizing dishes and B) ingredients I already have. I landed on Chicken Satay with Spicy Fake-Ass Peanut Sauce. That is really the title of the dish.

While I marinate the chicken, I decided I wanted to bake. I found a really easy Thumbprint Cookies recipe from All Recipes. I only had half the amount of needed butter, so I made half the batch. That’s how ratios work, I guess. I will grab more butter at work today.

Then, chicken was ready to be cooked. Mr. Lumberjack watched the flat pan, while I skewered all the chicken. Let me tell you. The kitchen smelled great. Usually, when I walk down the complex’s halls, I get food envy smelling everyone’s food. Today, it was my neighbors’ turn to get food envy.

The chicken flavors reminded me of Asian street food. The chicken got a nice crisp thanks to the brown sugar. And when you eat the chicken, it was still juicy and gave you a lot of lemon flavor. We had enough for lunch and dinner today.

For the Cookies, those turned out really well too. Our thumbs must be gigantic because we got a good jelly to cookie ratio. Mr. Lumberjack loves cookies, so I am happy to feed his inner Cookie Monster.

My day was very boring in terms of activities. But I went to bed pretty happy, because I was above and beyond successful with both recipes. I can’t wait for the summer, when Mr. Lumberjack’s family pulls out the grill. Everyone needs to try that chicken.


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