Cooking Frenzy #3

I went super crazy today. Super set on making he flakiest croissants ever, I followed Bessie Bakes’ recipe. Surprisingly, not a lot of ingredients are required for croissants. A baker makes the best croissant through patience and technique. I didn’t take any short cuts, and I made to work fast and carefully. Bessie Bakes’ recipe really helped too. She had so many pictures and tips.

I ended up with 8 perfect croissants. They were buttery, chocolate and puffy. I let them cool and put them in my beautiful cake stand. Mr. Lumberjack took a quick bite and he isn’t a fan of dark chocolate, so he didn’t like that part. However, he liked everything else.

And since it was Mr. Lumberjack’s brother’s birthday, I knew that I would run into my favorite pup, Maya. Maya loves sweet potato, so she always loves these homemade dog treats from Key Ingredients. I baked double the amount I usually make, and by now, Maya associates me with tasty dog treats.

I ended making about 120 dog treats. I put it in a Ziploc bag and stuffed it in my purse. When I entered Mr. Lumberjack’s home, I greeted everyone there. Miss Maya smelled the dog treats, stuck her nose in my purse and left her slobbery tennis ball in there. She was wagging her tail and following me around. I snuck her three dog treats, and each time she runs away with them. So greedy.

Today was great, and nothing makes me happier than to see someone or some pet love my food. I can’t wait for my next baking frenzy, where I try out something new.


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