Maple & Ash

You know those friends you meet after awhile, and it feels like you just saw them yesterday. My friend, FoodieBud, hit me up to try a restaurant, Maple and Ash, that she heard rave reviews about. I have heard the name float around, but I didn’t know what it was about. It is a fancy restaurant; For my friend’s birthday though, we go fancy to celebrate another year.

We meet, share hugs and start chatting away. Like old times. We walk in and the bottom floor is a bar. Fancy. Fancy. Fancy. Then, we head upstairs and the decor at Maple and Ash is amazing. I felt so posh…in my business casual work clothes (womp for being a little underdressed).

I eye some seafood, and the waiter described the plate so beautifully, I went for it. Maple and Ash cook a lot of their food in a hearth with maple wood, which ends up leaving ash. I am sure you know where the name came from at this point. They also gave us a free, small Swarm cocktail, which had a nice vermuth. Yea…I order the large version of that after I finished the free sample.

Quick side note: The place is very dim lighting, so photos are dark. I didn’t want to be THAT girl, snapping on flash while everyone is eating a romantic dinner.

Then, FoodieBud and I continue catching up. FoodieBud has been through a lot and she is such a strong, positive person. Through everything, she remains grateful for what she has; I love that about her. Also, she is just good at conversation. I can literally tell her anything and I felt zero judgment. It must be that connection friends have that I mentioned earlier.

Alright, so my seafood platter arrives (per person portion). I have so many delicious options. Let’s see… half a lobster, clams, oysters scallops and crab legs. Yummy. And the best part is the restaurant already cracked the shells for me, because Lord knows how long I would be digging for my crab meat.

At this point, I am stuffed. However, this waiter (shout out to Daniel F.) is so good at describing food, I make room.for dessert. The chocolate bomb sounds the best to me. I didn’t realize it comes in a shell and we receive a small show. If you listen to the video, you will hear me “ooo” in the background. I am so amazed. The dessert also tastes amazing; it is creamy, sweet and crunchy. Definitely decadent and for special occasions.

What was a boring Monday becomes a fun evening. I start my week right. Put this place on your must-try list. Do it! The experience is worth the money.


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