Molly’s Cupcakes

When I used to live in Bridgeport, I would take a drive twice a month just for Molly’s. Molly’s is the best cupcake store in all of Chicago and even in the U.S. (based on what I have tried so far). Others agree with me. And then it becomes the easiest birthday gift known to man. I just go and buy them a box of Molly’s cupcakes.

Now that I have moved closer to Molly’s, the trips are less frequent. I don’t know why…probably just pure laziness. But recently, I have been away few days at a time and Mr. Lumberjack surprised me on two separate times. You can see I got peach cobbler both times, because that is the best one. Light. Whipped. Fluffy. Frosting. The best thing on that cupcake. The cobbler filler is a close second though.

Molly’s has a wide variety…all are pretty good. If you don’t like peach, try the creme brulee (my second favorite). Custard filling. Cruchy sugar crust. Touches of fresh berries. My mouth waters for them.

I used to eat four cupcakes per trip. I have managed to tone it down to one cupcake and make them a special treat. You know…for those I-worked-200%-and-am-treating-myself days.


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