I have been dying to try this ever since I saw it on restaurant week last year. I learned Blackbird had a prix-fixe lunch menu. This is year-round though, and the plates are seasonal.

My childhood friend, RunningMan, and I haven’t seen each other in so long. He’s an accountant and has an important job. You know…preventing fraud and g-checking others who overvalue their assets. However since we are going to do a quick trip together, it is probably best to connect a bit.

We did a quick catch up, while of course eating delicious food. I ordered off the Prix fixe menu, which includes three courses. First one was this celeriac veloute dish. It was a puree/soup with some Asian pears in them. So good.

It takes awhile to get your dishes, so we talked about his job and office party. I got to go to one of them once and his company knows how to throw a oarty-and it has the money for it. The party was in the same place but different food this time.

Next, the server brought my roasted whitefish. I was trying to choose the healthiest thing on the menu. Portions are super small, but my favorite part were the crispy enoki mushrooms.

So we have more time to talk. We discuss my future trip to LA, which is partyly due to work. He decided awhile back to fly and meet me there and we’re going to celebrate my last year as a 20-something year old.

Lastly, I got an ice cream sandwich. Another miniature dish but super tasty. The coffee scoop is sandwich between a quarter cinnamon toast and I got a couple diced oranges with it.

Then, we got the check and headed for our jackets. The lady didn’t even need a coat ticket, she remembered which one was mine, so I give props to her. The service is great and I would head back here, especially since the menu is seasonal.


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