Kriskindle Market

Christmas is here! My family has always treated Christmas like any other day, which I guess is ok. Christmas is about family, even though a lot of people seem to talk about presents.

In Chicago, you know it is Christmas when the tree is lit, Michigan Ave is packed and Kriskindle Market is open. Kriskindle Market is a German market with little stand selling Christmas food and souvenirs. I love it. Every year, it has a new souvenir mug that really brightens up your holiday.

This year, I met up with some college friends. We got this melty cheese sandwich, which got my friend sick. We also got a chimney stack, which was not good and hard. Then, we went to Starbucks Reserve, which never fails. Is it sad that I like the Starbucks food/drink better than the seasonal market.

We caught up on life and it was super fun. I usually don’t stay out late- neither do my friends. We were tired and ready to go home around 10:20 PM. We are old farts.

Until next time.


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