Cooking Frenzy #4

Hi guys,

I am gonna be real with you guys. Ever feel like crap about your life? I do once in awhile. There are times I want something more and I keep trying and trying and feel like I am getting nowhere.

Then, I go into questioning if I am where I am supposed to be. Should I be doing something that makes me happy? Am I truly happy? I do so much internal reflecting, and sometimes I do too much of that.

When I get like that, I like to focus my attention elsewhere. I create a busy schedule for myself, so my mind doesn’t wander. This time, I chose to cook. I created a a menu of Carribean Jerk Chicken and a three-layer cake.

I used up as many of the chicken, onion, spices as much as I could. The spices are so fragrant and colorful. It turned out great and I killed it. We finished all the chicken in a week.

At noon, I started working on the actual cake. The cake was the easy part. Making the berry filling as well as the marscapone icing. I put the cake together and let me tell you, icing the cake was the hardest part. Getting that icing to look smooth was so frustrating. However, the cake tasted amazing too.

I was still a little sad/confused, but the cooking helped. The next day, I walked home from the train and, on a whim, decided to stop by Trader Joe’s. I have never been a girly girl, looking for flowers from Mr. Lumberjack. But flowers lately have brighten up my day.

This happens once in awhile and I know it will pass. For others out there, keep trucking along. It always is better with time and, as long as you’re trying, you’re winning at life.


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