Isn’t it funny how we socialize around food? There are times my friends ask me what I want to do, and honestly, the options are limited. It usually comes down to food. Which, why not? Might as well eat while I still have my teeth.

So my co-workers were so thoughtful and wanted to celebrate my birthday (any NYE babies out there?). Even through this hectic season, we took time to go out and eat.

I chose Lulu for my birthday spot, because I always see it when we got to Taco Diablo 5 times a month. Lulu is a pan-asian restaurant and it was great.

First off the decor was on point, a definite to the dark decor. What you see is cute, delicate, childish (the good kind) decor. Second, the food selection was great. Being Asian, I love my noodles. I got the spicy udon noodles. They put this Korean spice in it, which always makes my stomach rumble. Whatever! I eat with my eyes.

So much food that I had dinner ready! That’s a first.


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