Los Angeles, California (II)

Mini-trip completed! Being an inventory analyst has some perks, especially when our warehouse is in California. I went for a physical count and then extended the trip a couple more days. Woot!

So this year, Mr. Lumberjack and I decided to combine our birthdays, anniversary and Valentine’s Day into one nice vacation. This left my birthday open, and while I was there, I made good use of it.

My childhood friend, RunningMan, flew into Los Angeles and met up with me. The theme of our trip was supposed to be Bougie B. Of course, I went back to my old tomboy ways and just slipped into my cap and jeans. Comfort all day every day.

I headed to Disneyland, and I mean, the whole place was literally celebrating my birth-day. It was packed, but we managed to go on a couple of rides. The best one had to be the coal mine one.

Night time came, and I was pretty pooped. However, I was still happy I saw the fireworks. I would say this is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime event. Not because I don’t have the chance to come back, but because I am not too fond of crowds.

Check out the cool fireworks.


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