The Stinking Rose

Wasn’t Dracula repulsed by garlic? That is the joke at The Stinking Rose. Every dish is over seasoned with garlic, even Dracula would eat here. Just for the novelty of it, I went to this gothic-themed restaurant.

My cousin, who lives in LA, is such a foodie, so I knew he would meet up with me. So RunningMan, my cousin, my cousin’s friend and I tried some pretty funny things.

The first thing I got is a midnight Manhattan, which was really strong. Mind you that I am a lightweight; it doesn’t take much for me to feel buzzed. So after half of the drink, I was feeling it, and that made the drink a little easier to swallow. Well isn’t that something?

Next up is rabbit with some tomato sauce. I have had rabbit before, but this one must not have been cooked right. I could not get the meat off the bone. The sauce had about 5 or 6 whole Clive’s of garlic simmering in the sauce. It really brought the flavor.

Now, for the encore and most out-there dish, garlic-freaking ice cream. I thought that sounded strange, but I want to try. And I was right. Super pungent and lingers in your mouth. I ended up finishing it but never again.

After dinner, we got the check. Thank gosh because we needed all the mints we could get. We finished the stickiest mint, and went to the hostess to ask for a handful more of mints. That garlic breath did not go away fast. Come here next time just for the ambiance and the garlic food.


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