2018 Travel Bucket List

The world is such a big place and I am a small speck in comparison. With over 200 countries, I wonder if I can hit them all before I die, but I sure as hell am going to try. Below are some of the countries that are at the top of my travel list.

Disclaimer that there will be zero pictures in this post. I haven’t been to these places, so I don’t have my own pictures to use.

1. Chile

Chile has always been on the top of my list due to my obsession with seeing Antartica across the ocean. I also hear whale watching off the coast is a must, as well as hiking up the Andes. With this skinny stretch of land, there is a range of terrain to see and explore.

2. Indonesia

I like nature. Seeing people’s Instagrams, where they stay in these wooden homes, looking out into green, rice paddy fields, brings to me a sense of privacy and serenity. I would have to go for a lazy vacation; all I do is lounge around and enjoy the views.

3. Tanzania

Besides some green, I like animals. When I get to actually pet one, damn I feel like I can cross another close encounter off my list. Tanzania is home to so many unique animals, and I am looking forward to one main event- The Great Migration. Animals cross the Nile River and have to avoid crocodiles. So beautiful.

4. Nepal

This country has been called the happiest place on Earth. I want to be surrounded by happiness. What I have seen so far is people living a simple life. They just need a house to shelter  them, they live amongst nature and I don’t see people wearing  a lot of brand items. Maybe that is the key to happiness. Whatever it is, I will go to find out.

5. Hungary

 I was so close to travel here, but a better flight deal came up for elsewhere. I love the old, gold architecture. I am particularly interested in Budapest. There is so much history there. One side is Buda, the other is Pest. I also love how it isn’t your typical European destination, so it still seems somewhat untouched by tourism.

Well, those are the top 5 for countries. I am all about the places less considered. I fly where the flights are cheap, and you have to be flexible on dates and destination. However, that doesn’t mean I won’t be on the lookout for these places.

What are some of your dream destinations? Did some of these countries make your list?


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