Salt House

I am going to start with this part of my trip. So I have a childhood friend that I have known since 4th grade. Isn’t that crazy? And she moved to San Francisco, so I don’t get to see her very often. Womp.

When I knew I was going to have two full days in San Francisco, I gave her a little text to see if she was available.

I love hanging out with my friend. She is super independent and she doesn’t let anything bring her down. I think those are great qualities, and that is the type of person with I want to surround myself.

We took a while to order drinks because we were too busy chit chatting. I am pretty sure the waiter was over us at this point. I got an American Campari. The vermouth was so yummy. I am becoming a real fan of a good vermouth. Smokey flavor!

She ordered Salmon belly for the table and that was really good. Then I ordered cavetelli pasta with poached egg and something else. I couldn’t tell what was mixed in the pasta. It was alright. Nothing special but it gave me the biggest bloat of my life for the next few days.

My friend was so kind to pay for us and it was really fun to catch. And she got to meet Mr. Lumberjack, which is great. I want my friends to get to know my relationship so they can all be friends.

I will be back in San Francisco the following week, which happens to be San Francisco’s week. Excited!


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