What to eat…what to eat? Mr. Lumberjack and I looked for a cute local coffee shop; we walked up and down Kuhio Ave and Kalakaua Ave. These two main streets had a lot to offer, such as ABC stores, high-end shops and souvenir shops. But for a good coffee shop, we found nothing.

We settled for a Korean boba tea shop. It wasn’t what we were used to for our weekend tradition but we were in discovery mode. We will try what we can. While we sat and talked, we saw an Eddie Huang YouTube video, Huang’s World. Eddie tried the most purple pancakes I’ve ever seen. It was decided. We were going to stray from Waikiki to look for these pancakes.

We waited for the bus, but I mistook Bus E for Bus 13. Once we realized the bus were making some unwanted turns, we rode it to as close to the breakfast place as possible. It ended up being a lot of walking. The reward was so worth it.

Mr. Lumberjack and I sat side-by-side, not across, to share these purple pancakes. It was going to be a day full of eating; We had to start slow. Yummy. I really wish someone will open an Ube shop, everything Ube. Chicago needs it.


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