Pig and the Lady

Our second recommendation came from a Hawaiian local, my old college roommate, my friend, Charmaine. Down in Chinatown is a Vietnames-French fusion restaurant. She told me to try the brisket sandwich and so that’s what we did. When is the next chance we will have to try this restaurant. We made a 25 minute trip out there from Yourstory, getting farther and farther away from our Airbnb.

When we found the place, it was packed. I didn’t realize we needed reservations, but luckily, the counter was available. We we’re on a mission, no time to waste. We took the counter, which was better because I could watch the pastry chef do her thing and gawk at all the deliciousness.

We ordered one brisket banh mi to share amongst us. It was so frickin’ good. Who knew pho broth would make a great au jous. Mr. Lumberjack scarfed down his half, and I was still full, so I gave him half of my portion.

We left with happy bellies and searched for the bus that would lead us to the Pearl Harbor memorial. So blessed.


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