Vietnamese Corn

I sit here with a bunch of corn. Costco always seems cheap in the moment, so I buy in bulk. That is the trickery. I have to eat them before they go bad, or else I am seriously going to experience some bad karma. It led me to think of this really good Vietnamese dish my aunt-in-law made.

At the time, my uncles and aunts immigrated to the U.S. and they were all living with my parents. It was a really full house. No one had a job at the time, so they were finding ways to keep busy. My aunt decided to put her mind into cooking.

She made this amazing corn dish using Vietnamese ingredients. So don’t get me wrong. This corn dish isn’t traditional. It is something my aunt-in-law made up. It is so easy to make and you will love the unique flavors. You will get spicy fron the chili oil, salty from the dried shrimp and sweet from the corn. So good.

You can find the chili oil and dried shrimp in an Asian grocery market. The shrimp is tiny and basically chewy, because they’ve been dried like jerky. The chili oil is pepper flakes soaked in oil. Because the pepper is infused in the oil, you will get a vibrant redish oil.

So if you’re tired of the same old butter, garlic corn, then try this Vietnamese twist.

4 corn on the cob
2 green onions, chopped
1/8 cup dried shrimp
2 or 3 tbs of chili oil


  1. Boil the corn until cooked.
  2. Cut kernels off cob. Set aside.
  3. Heat chili oil in medium sauce pan.
  4. When hot, saute the green onions and dried shrimp.
  5. Once the aromas are waiting, the kernels and stir.
  6. Serve hot.


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