San Francisco, California

Oh my, back in San Francisco. In 2012, this was my sister’s graduation present. We went as a family. My dad was driving, so we had to go wherever he wanted. I felt like I missed some things like eateries and Chinatown.

When I saw cheap flights to San Francisco, I knew this was my chance to revisit this city and all of it’s iconic charm. Mr. Lumberjack has never been to San Francisco; Everything will be new for him, so I had to go back to the Golden Gate Bridge.

Mr. Lumberjack received a few recommendations from his co-workers. He went with the suggested breakfast restaurant, and we started our day off. The restaurant is called 8 AM. Super quaint and very family-owned. Starving for healthy food, I ordered the chia pudding.

From there, we walked the Bay Trail. The Golden Gate Bridge looked a lot closer from a distance. It was one long walk. Luckily, the city has good weather year-round. We finally made it to John Fort Point, the perfect location for Instagram pictures.

We head a little South for Golden Gate Park. I went here the last time I was here. I liked this place out if every tourist place, so I wanted to share this with Mr. Lumberjack. We rode the bike the length of the park.

It was a long day. We crossed over Lombard Street to get to Chinatown. We explored this neighborhood until it was time to meet an old friend. Chinatown was a lot smaller than I thought. We ended up walking to the Finance District, which was less busy. I enjoyed the quietness.

On the second day, we had a simple day. We checked out Dolores Park and viewed the Painted Ladies. That sums up my short stay in San Francisco. There is so much to see and do here-very good for tourists.


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