Honolulu, Hawaii

Distant. Quiet. Isolation. Hawaii always seemed like a Faraway destination, partially because I don’t like spending money. Haha.

My college roommate, Charmaine, is from Hawaii. She brought a little bit of Hawaii to me every year in college, and for me, that was enough for awhile. I didn’t want to spend $700-$900 on flights if I didn’t have to.

Fast forward to post-college. Charmaine and I have been apart for 7 years now. We keep in touch once in awhile with texts and mail, but you know that isn’t the same as seeing someone face-to-face.

When I saw very very cheap tickets to San Francisco, I took the opportunity to make a Hawaiian trip out of it. Best decision! I got to do so much and that is due to my friend, who gave great recommendations and took me around the island.

We stayed in Waikiki Beach, so we got to hang with the tourists. Then, we rode around the island. When you stray from the tourist area, you get more of Hawaii. You see kids, lots of fruit stands and food trucks. That is the type of things I like to see. Real Hawaii.

I managed to get some great scenic pictures along the way. Hawaii is beautiful and I think each island has their own personality. My next Hawaii island would be The Big Island.

Let me know what you want me to write about next. I can try to break down my costs for Hawaii, but Nestor and I split everything right away; I don’t keep a tracker when it’s just us. I can also explain to how to look and purchase cheap flights.


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