Toronto/ Niagara Falls Budget

Hello all,

Here is another informational post to help inspire travel. My friend, Dennis and I went on a road trip to Toronto. It was my first road trip with my friend, so I wasn’t a little excited and a little apprehensive. I don’t like driving long distances. However, I wanted this under my belt.

We went here July 1, Canada Day, for 6 days/ 5 nights. This budget for only 2 people.

  1. Car Rental: This was my biggest expense, which makes sense. It was our only mode of transportation. Overall, we paid $360 together. You can use your own car if you want to save money; I didn’t want to put too many miles on my car. We stopped for gas 4 times and that totaled $100 between the 2 of us. Split up, it is $230 per person.
  2. Accomodations: We stayed at an Airbnb, but we waited too long. All the good decent ones were taken. So we settled for a neighborhood near Chinatown. It was a shared Airbnb and each night one of us would sleep on the floor. We paid $320 for 4 nights. The last night we spent at a Travelodge at Niagara Falls for $100. For each of us, this cost $210/ person.
  3. Activities: Alright! Now for the best part, activities. Toronto and Niagara had so many free activities. I really enjoyed exploring this town. Toronto has a lot of districts like Cherry Beach and Mission District. We took a ferry and biked around the island. For Niagara Falls, we got the Adventure Pass. All the activities at Niagara Falls would have been more expensive than the Adventure Pass. We spent $80 each on activities.
  4. Miscellaneous: We ate out every meal, which were reasonably ok. There were more middle-priced stores from what I saw. I spent about $250 on food for the entire trip.

Overall, road tripping to Toronto was a good call, especially if you can stand long car rides. I spent in total about $810 on the entire trip. The trip could have been cheaper by using our own cars and eating at cheaper restaurants, all of which are very controllable factors.

Many may think Toronto is similar to any U.S. city, but they are wrong. Toronto has its own charm. The city is so close to me

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