Teresa’s Wedding (St. Paul, Minnesota)

Yeah…I am reaching that age. Every one is getting married, having children and buying a house. I am also at the age when I realize how important family is. It helps that I can afford a flight ticket to actually visit my important family.

My cousin, Teresa, threw her American wedding last month. I only met her hubby once, but they seemed happy. And with family, you’re happy for those things that make your love ones happy. Like that mathematical property…the transitive property?

I flew into Minneapolis the day of the wedding. Honestly, best flight so far, partially because the flight was so short. Also, I have figured out the time I need to get to the airport so I don’t have to wait at the gate. I love it.

I took the train system to Saint Paul, which is another seamless transition. Their train system is more high tech than Chicago’s. We need to catch up to Minneapolis.

I reach the hotel earlier than check-in and they had a room available. I’m so lucky. I did the whole resting, eating and getting ready bit. Then, I went to meet up with my cousin for family photos.

I have to say it was nice seeing my cousin and the rest of my family. I also got to know her fiance’s nana, who was the sweetest lady. I became a very brief braid’s maid before I turned back into a guest.

I socialized with more people, attended the ceremony and had some drinks and food. The most surprising part was I danced the whole night, giving zero f***s. I never dance.

I had a blast. Unfortunately, I left the next morning, so I could be at work the following day. However, no worries. A lot is happening in Minnesota for me this year. I’ll be back.


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