The Hampton Social

There are days when I feel like absolute crap. I am really lucky to have supportive, high quality friends and family to be there for me and lift me up from some dark days. So I was having one of those days, maybe even weeks, so I met up with Dennis. He is the best.

I told him about my first trip here, since he is all about ambiance. The restaurant has a very cool, Cape Cod vibe. The best part is that famous sign, Rosé all day, in neon lights.

I didn’t request where to sit, but we got the section in front of the sign! Lots of pictures to come. We also made it before happy hour, so we split a margherita pizza. I got my half off rosé. After that, we just prolonged our stay for as long as we could to relax.

I am in love with this place. No agenda needed. In fact, you don’t see any business professionals here, just middle-aged people adjusting their way into the weekend. Come and enjoy.


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