Parlor Pizza Bar

Hola! So I am usually a homebody, but I feel like after my friend’s bachelorette party, I am more down to hang out past 9 AM. I call it “Amy’s Newfound Energy.”

From the Hampton Social in last week’s post, we played pool for three hours. Dennis will tell you different, but I totally had skills. ;). We decided to go to Parlor Pizza that Dennis raves about.

I have seen this place so many times because of it’s iconic bear graffiti. They have one in the West Loop and Wicker Park. Insider tip: they also bought Ocean Cut on the River Walk. There might be another Parlor Pizza in River North.

So anyways, when we got there, we weren’t even looking at their pizza menu. I asked for the taco menu, because dessert all the way, baby. There were some tasty ones on the menu, but the waitress described a St.Patty’s ice cream taco. It had Apple gelato, apple slices, caramel, pistachios and gold flakes (can’t digest gold so insert poop emoji here).

I got so indecisive, but in the end, it had to be that St.Patty’s taco. What if it never comes back again? Dennis and I order it and we split the taco in half. Those tacos are good for two…or one if you’re a fat kid at heart. That could be me if I was drunk.

The hype was real. I downed that taco, got my fingers sticky from all the broken taco shells with ice cream, and cooped up those toasted pistachios. Nothing went to waste because it was that good…and it was $8 so wasn’t going to throw around my money for nothing.

I hear the pizza is good, but every one should come here and go straight for the taco. It is a meal in itself. I loved the vibe, the crowd and the food. I will be coming back to try those other tacos, such as the Unicorn and Carmelo Anthony tacos.


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