Sur la Table (Part II)

I realize that I don’t really hang/talk out with my coworkers outside of work compared to my first and second one. It’s probably because those jobs broke down our souls and we bonded like a fraternity.

So when my coworker, Amanda, asked me to do a cooking course with her, I was very happy. I definitely think it is very possible to be friends with your coworkers, but those things take time.

For my third Sur la Table class, Amanda and I took a vegetarian Israeli class. I don’t think I have had Israeli food before, but I assumed it taste similar to Mediterranean food. We made the following:

  1. A spicy beet dip
  2. Raisin rice
  3. Seasoned eggplant
  4. Poached eggs in tomato sauce

We cooked with another pair of girls and they were pretty cool. We took a bunch of Instagram photos, because Israeli food is very colorful. I was starving by the end of all of this, but I loved what we made. The poached eggs and the rice were the best.

By far, my favorite class. The teacher was nice, the class efficient and the food was healthy. Out this on your must-try list.


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