I say sushi only went mainstream in the past decade in the U.S. Owners saturates the market with sushi stands, pop ups and pre-made sushi in grocery stores. I find it hard to get a good, fresh sushi. I don’t want none of that fluff, where the roll is friend and there is a bunch of sauce to enhance the sauce.

As we all know, sushi is about the fish. We don’t need the extras to cover up the quality of the food. Also, I don’t need the added calories.

Mr. Lumberjack and I have been to Juno before for a special dinner date, I forgot for what. However, we went all out and it became an expensive meal.

For the this second time around, we need we would have to practice some self-control. We ordered two things each. They were all really delicious. However, the portions are small. We ordered about six more dishes. I guess that’s what we came here for: quality over quantity.

The experience was for a a quick pick-me-up. Bill came out only half as much the first time, so yay! We accomplished our goal. Here are some of my yummy food pics from the evening. Besides below: I had an uni shooter, IPA, spicy octupus hand roll and more.

Asian Pear Salad
Raw Oysters
Cevcihe Maki


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