Hi everyone!

I have been really into patisseries lately. They’re like the upscale coffee shops of my neighborhood, plus there so many cute french pastries.

Stuck at home, bored, I reached out to Dennis to visit a coffee shop across the street. However, that coffee shop was limited on seats and starting to get crowded. I crossed the street to Bittersweet and was pleasantly surprised by the decor and the menu choices.

I had a field day. I got the chai latte with almond milk. Then ordered some macarons. I have only tried my own baked macarons. Let me tell you…those things are hard to make. I have only been successful twice out of 10 times.

I cautiously chose one macarons before I went HAM. It was such a beautiful lavendar color and also taste. I shared half with Dennis, and it was hit. So then, I got one of the lemon and pistachio. Lavendar was the winner but far and yea, I like floral-flavored things.

Also side note: the plates got me all excited because I am weird like that. The bee looked exactly like a bee slipper I have. If only it wasn’t illegal to take whatever you like. See some pictures below.


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