My Michelin quest continues with Dennis. He always wants to try the hot spot (or as he says, “ambiance). I like to eat. It is a match-made in heaven.

We headed on a weekday to get a reservation and I managed to get there earlier than him. Because I had a long day at work, I ordered myself a kumbacha and wound down. The kitchen is very open, the place is very white with dark wood and the view of the lake was great.

Now, Chicago weather is very finicky, so we didn’t see any luscious trees. If anything it was gray and cloudy. However, we took it as our chance to admire our lakefront. Otherwise, the trees would block our view.

I loved the service. I wasn’t used to being treated so well. I had to thank them for every thing. Although, I wouldn’t want to change that about myself when I can eat at these types of places regularly. Always good to show appreciation to others.

The meal came with bread an barrata as a complimentary appetizer. Then, we got another barrata appetizer; this one came on a bed of arugula and crackers.

For my main entree, I ordered a very small but tasty pasta dish. Spiaggia served this from when they opened. I figured when in Rome, do as the Romans do. And Dennis got this amazing crispy pancake dish. I think it was better than mine.

Because this place was a treat for myself, I ensured I ordered desert. I got three flavors of gelato. At this point, I am as big as a house. I couldn’t fit anything else into my stomach. Dennis strayed away from helping me finish dessert and got his own, which were some beers and cheesecake bites.

Dennis and I took the bus home and the sandman came to visit. Who knew eating was such a workout. I do recommend this place and I would head back; just want to check some other restaurants off my list first.


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