Parita’s Wedding

Hi all,

I am really excited to share with you my experience at my first Indian wedding. I was really lucky to be part of the bridal party, which made me so happy because Parita and I are long-standing friends (22 years!!!).

Her wedding was 3 days long. I only attended Friday evening and all of Saturday. A lot of events were happening so I didn’t have time to take beautiful pictures, but I will share with you what I got.

After work, I went straight home to take care of my new puppy, Loki. Mr. Lumberjack and I couldn’t find a sitter in time, so we decided to get a room at a dog-friendly hotel. We had to make sure he was fed and worn out, so we took him to the dog park. Dennis picked us up and we headed to the hotel.

Friday’s event was very casual. People danced as a tribute to the gods. There was a large buffet spread with a lot of Indian cuisine I have never heard of before. I tried everything. The best thing there were the sweet drinks and the dessert!

The next day was full on bridesmaid day. I woke up at 4 AM to shower, do my eye makeup and then headed to the hotel. Parita’s aunties really hooked me up with the saris. They made me look so pretty.

Then, we did the ceremonial things, which was great as well. I got to see what that was like up close and personal. At the exchange of the garlands and dancing around the fire, Parita and her man we’re officially married. Tears!

Let me just say I never cry at weddings, but I got teary-eyed so many times and actually cried once. I guess it is different when it is your best friend. She was/is so beautiful!

I then had a break and I was nearly nodding off to sleep at this point. However, I didn’t have a room at the hotel linked to the banquet hall. I was happy to find three other bridesmaids, who were super cool. They let me hang out with them in their room and I totally knocked out.

After a bit of laziness, I got up to practice a dance for the reception. I was so nervous because I crack under pressure and figured I would forget all the moves. At least, I memorized the moves for now.

We helped set up the lobby and then got ready. I wore my usual blue dress. Haha it was a little tight, but it was literally the only evening dress I owned. I entered with my groomsmen and then did the long-awaited danced. Nailed it!

Because this was my best friend, I was super emotional, and of course, happy for her. I am also thankful to get to know her family and friends. They were all great.


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