Beacon Tavern

It is Fri-YAY. My absolute favorite day. Mr. Lumberjack usually has something going on Friday- a guys only thing. I don’t mind. I could use a little alone time or use it to catch up with friends.

My go-to friend, Dennis, always is down to do whatever. I had to wake up early the next day, so I gave myself a curfew and pretty much left the restaurant picking to him. Dennis is all about ambiance, whereas I can care less. I just want good food and service. As long as I get that, I am good.

He chose Beacon Tavern, which is in a plaza. I had no idea where it was because the address, and Google Maps, was very misleading. I pretty much circled the whole plaza before Dennis told me where to go.

He and I get this cute little booth and chair. Tucked away from the other tables, I find I like this place already. There’s low-lighting, space and quietness. In other words, ambiance.

I snacked quite a bit after work, so I was somewhat satiated. I shared an appetizer, oven-baked brie, with Dennis. Omg yum. I was a little nervous due to my lack of intolerance, but in the moment of seeing and smelling it, I have zero f***s. When I sliced that pastry open, the brie just oozed out onto the plate. You get the cruchy from the pastry, sweet from the jam and pepper from the greens. Best kickstarter.

I then went for the ceviche, which was the lightest option on the menu. Ceviche is listed under appetizer, but you can just tell them you want it as your entree. Beacon Tavern added passion fruit to the mix, so you get a very sweet balance. Also, it provided some sesame crisp, which is a great alternative to the fried tortilla chips.

By now, I was satisfied. Of course, the waiter asked if we wanted to see he dessert menu. In case of FOMO, I said yes. Of course, Dennis and I shared so I didn’t feel stuffed to he brim. I got a mango (best fruit) cheesecake. I loved this one as well. Soft, lightly sweetened, refreshing!

We got the bill and split it down the middle. My wallet could breathe a little; the dent wasn’t that bad. Come here if you want to treat yourself but to be away from crowds.


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